YPrintit is a fantastic new app for mobile phones which maximizes the use of QR Codes. Although only available for the Iphone at this time, applications for Android and Blackberry phones will be available soon. Unlike traditional QR Code Readers, the YPrintit QR App will automatically reveal the image of the business card and insert it into your phone without being redirected to a website. Transform your business cards into dynamic QR vCards with our free app!

You can create your own virtual business cards embedded into a QR Code. You can choose from over 1,500 business card templates. If you cannot find a template you like, a QR Card conversion service will be available soon, which will take your existing business card and convert it into a customizable template. You can share your business cards by letting other people scan your unique QR (Quick Response) Code. You can receive cards from others by scanning their QR Code. Last but not least, whenever you update your QR Card information, all your contacts that already received your QR business card will be able to see and access the new information automatically.

If you choose our soon to be released premium membership, not only do you get a dynamic business card, but you will also have the ability to embed media into your QR Code. Since any change you make to your virtual business card will automatically sync with everyone who has scanned it, any additional media that you add to your QR card will also be available to them. Imagine announcing to all your clients that you have brand new products or promotions, and then share this information through images and videos. These cards can be used in virtually any field. For example, if you are musician, you can let your clients listen to your new sample song by just updating your QR card. Simply put, a QR Code is nothing more than a 2D barcode that stores information. The convenience behind these codes is that they can be read with any Smartphone available in the market today; all that is needed is a QR Code Reader that is easily downloaded for free. Considering the amount of people that have Smartphones today, several companies have started advertising campaigns through the use of QR codes. YPrintit is a fantastic app that will allow you to do so much more with QR Codes.